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Crain’s Chicago Business – December, 2012

Does Fisher Nuts Have the Recipe to Win This War?
In this article, George Metrou, Director of Research of the Perritt Funds, discusses John B. Sanfilippo & Son's success at increasing market share and diversifying its product line for it Fisher Nuts brand.

Marin Independent Journal Trader’s Magazine – February, 2013

"Novato Company's Earnings Jump 333% in First Quarter"
Portfolio Manager Michael Corbett is interviewed in this article as a shareholder of Hennessy Advisors following the announcement of an acquisition which nearly tripled the assets under Hennessy's management.

MutualFundWire – May 1, 2012

"Perritt Re-Brands a Mutual Fund"
The Mutual Fund Wire covers the name change of the Perritt Emerging Opportunities Fund to the Perritt Ultra MicroCap Fund.

Morningstar – May 1, 2012

"Name Change for Perritt Offering"
Morningstar covers the name change of the Perritt Emerging Opportunities Fund to the Perritt Ultra MicroCap Fund and highlights the fact that it is the U.S. domestic-stock fund with the smallest average market cap.

Rising Fund Managers – April 15, 2012

"Microcap Investing Requires Non-Traditional Idea Mining"
Rising Fund Managers, an online publication for investment professionals dedicated to presenting the insights of undiscovered managers, interviews Portfolio Michael Corbett in this feature on Perritt Capital Management. – January 17, 2012

"Corbett Likes The Midas Touch"
In this video, Portfolio Manager Michael Corbett discusses several companies that have transformed their businesses yet still remain misunderstood by Wall Street.

Investor’s Business Daily – April 13, 2011

"Top Growth Funds"
The Mutual Fund performance table includes returns since Jan 31, 1994.

Wall Street Journal – April 4, 2011

"Category Kings in 22 Realms"
The Small-Cap Value performance table includes first-quarter returns, along with the one-year and five-year periods as of 3/31/2011. – January 6, 2011

"10 Fad Stocks That Bounced Back in 2010"
Portfolio Manager Michael Corbett is interviewed in this article reviewing several stocks that provided investors with double- and triple-digit returns in 2010. – December 9, 2010

"Small Caps Set For Another Strong Year"
Portfolio Manager Michael Corbett is featured in's Fund Manager Five Spot, where fund managers give stock picks and views on the market in a five-question format.
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