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MarketWatch – February 2, 2007

“Stock Picker of the Year” By Jonathan Burton
This wrap-up of MarketWatch's monthly feature "The Stockpickers" discusses Portfolio Manager Michael Corbett's stock selections for the year. The company that Michael highlighted in his may interview, Force Protection, returned 2,132% in 2006. His other selections, Century Casinos and Rimage Corporation, returned 34.1% and -13.4% respectively.

Standard and Poor’s – January 29, 2007

“Standard and Poor's Mutual Fund Performance Persistence Scorecard, Year-End 2006”
The Perritt MicroCap Opportunities Fund was included in Standard & Poor’s year-end report on fund consistency, which tracks the performance consistency of actively managed Mutual Funds within their peer group over three and five consecutive years.

USA Today – January 19, 2007

“Monstrously big mutual funds can be reason to fret”
This article discusses some of the problems that mutual funds face as they grow large with assts. The Perritt MicroCap Opportunities Fund is shown in a box titled "small-company fund winners," that lists the performance of small cap funds with less than $500 million in assets over five years.

New York Times – January 7, 2007

“Quarterly Mutual Funds Report”
This 5-Year performance table of U.S. General Stock Funds includes total percentage returns for the quarter, the year and 5 years, annualized, and the fund's rank within the universe of Nasdaq-listed stock funds tracked by Morningstar Inc as of 12/29/06.

Crain’s Chicago Business – January 1, 2007

“Happy Returns?”
This feature takes a look back at how several money managers' picks performed in 2006. Portfolio Manager Michael Corbett is referred to regarding two companies, Middleby and A.M. Castle. Michael describes both of these companies as key players in a niche market.

Valuerich Magazine – Fall 2006

“Small-cap Market Dating Do's and Don'ts” By Liza Grant Smith
Portfolio Manager Michael Corbett is interviewed in this article about small-cap company exposure. Michael discusses holding companies for the long term and the importance of being an investor rather than a trader in the small cap space.

Kiplinger’s – November, 2006

“Rankings: Top-performing stock and bond mutual funds”
This small- and midsize-company five year performance table includes total returns for the one-, three-, and five-year periods as of 9/18/06.

MarketWatch – October 19, 2006

“Stock Picker of the Quarter” By Jonathan Burton
This article names Michael Corbett, portfolio manager for the Ultra MicroCap Fund, the Stock Picker of the Quarter. In winning, Corbett topped 16 other fund managers featured in Marketwatch's "The Stockpickers" column earlier this year. Michael attributes his success to research and "doing the homework," in a sector where companies are often unknown and under followed.

Kiplinger’s – November, 2006

“Seven Bargains for $7”
Inside this article focusing on seven low-priced stock stories, a text box entitled "Three that own the TINIEST firms" lists the Perritt Ultra MicroCap Fund as one way to invest in low-priced stocks.

Boomer Market Advisor – September, 2006

“Morningstar's Top 30 Funds”
The Perritt MicroCap Opportunities Fund is referenced in this article.
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