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Investor’s Business Daily – May 30, 2007

“Top Growth Funds”
These two lists show total return performance as of May 30, 2007 since market low of April 4, 1994 and since market peak Jan 31, 1994, respectively.

Crain’s Chicago Business – April 30, 2007

“Investing In What Wall Street Overlooks” By Bob Tita
In a conversation with Crain's Chicago Business, Portfolio Manager Michael Corbett discusses some current market trends, including a recent increase of private-equity money in the market. Small companies are often a target for these firms, and Michael notes that approximately 7% to 10% of the Perritt portfolio gets bought out in a year.

Wall Street Journal – April 25, 2007

“When It Makes Sense to Buy An Actively Managed Fund” By Eleanor Laise
This article, based on a recent study by Morningstar director of research Russel Kinnnel, concludes that while most active managers have a hard time adding value, in the small cap corner of the market active managers can pluck undervalued securities from obscurity. The Perritt MicroCap Opportunities Fund is included in the list "Solid Stock-Pickers," which includes four no-load funds and their 5-yr annual return as of 3/31/07.

InvestmentNews – April 23, 2007

“Emerging-market Funds Trump Field”
This US Small-Cap performance table includes total returns for 3-month period, along with the one- and three-year periods as of 4/16/07.

New York Times – April 8, 2007

“Quarterly Mutual Fund Report”
The quarterly performance table of U.S. General Stock Funds includes total percentage returns for the quarter, the year and 5 years, annualized, and the fund’s rank within the universe of Nasdaq-listed stock funds tracked by Morningstar as of 3/31/07. Also, the 5-year performance table includes the same.

Wall Street Journal and CBS MarketWatch – March 26, 2007

“March Madness: Funds Push Full-Court Press” By Murray Coleman
Portfolio Manager Michael Corbett is interviewed in this article recapping the opening quarter of 2007. Michael discusses using the quarter's volatility to create opportunities, as well as where he has been putting some of his cash to work.

Wall Street Journal – February 20, 2007

“Ways to Invest: Year's Best”
This Small-Cap Value performance table includes year-to-date performance, along with three and five year returns as of 2/19/2007.

Investor’s Business Daily – February 12, 2007

“Snooping for the Market's Underdogs” By Trang Ho
In this article, Trang Ho interviews Michael Corbett, portfolio manager of the Perritt MicoCap Opportunities Fund. Michael discusses the value in finding special situation buys, such as a company undergoing restructuring or buying back a large amount of its shares.

Wall Street Journal – February 5, 2007

“Category Kings in 16 Realms”
This Small-Cap Value performance table includes total returns for the month of January, along with the one-, three-, and five-year periods as of 1/31/2007.

The Street.Com – February 2, 2007

“For Funds, Repeat Success Rare” By Christopher Sahl
This article notes that the Perritt MicroCap Opportunities Fund was listed in the Standard and Poor's 2006 Mutual Fund Performance Persistence Scorecard. The scorecard is designed to address the common drawback of fund rankings that they tend to smooth over bad years.
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