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Wall Street Journal – July 31, 2007

“Smartmoney Fund Screen-Longtime Managers”
This table lists ten funds that have exceeded a historical annual average return of the stock market since their launch, as of July 27, 2007, and also have manager tenure of more than five years.

MSN Money – July 31, 2007

“Three Terrific Small-Cap Funds” By Tim Middleton
In this article, the author highlights funds that provide small cap exposure. Portfolio Manager Michael Corbett is interviewed regarding the MicroCap Opportunities Fund, where his key has been: “diversify, diversify, diversify. – July 27, 2007

“Newsletter Watch: Small Cap Funds” By Steven Halpern
In this article, The Perritt Ultra MicroCap Fund is mentioned for focusing on only the smallest of the small stocks.

MarketWatch – July 18, 2007

“Bad News can be Good Opportunity”
Founder and President Dr. Gerald W. Perritt reminds investors in this interview that current market fears shouldn’t factor into the way most people look at small- and micro-cap stocks, which tend to move based on bottom-up factors more than big-picture news.

Your Money with Chuck Jaffe – July 18, 2007

“The Big Interview”
Portfolio Manger Dr. Gerald Perritt is the featured guest of syndicated columnist Chuck Jaffe's morning radio show, Your Money. Dr. Perritt discusses the history of small company investing and shares some insights from his twenty years of investment experience.

The – July 9, 2007

“Microcap Manager Names his Favorite Picks”
In this clip from TV, Portfolio Manager Michael Corbett talks about finding companies that are moving in the right direction.

New York Times – July 8, 2007

“Quarterly Mutual Fund Report”
The five year performance table of U.S. General Stock Funds includes total percentage returns for the quarter, the year and 5 years, annualized, and the fund's rank within the universe of Nasdaq-listed stock funds tracked by Morningstar as of 6/30/07.

Wall Street Journal – July 3, 2007

“Category Kings in 22 Realms”This Small-Cap Value performance table includes total returns for the second quarter 2007, along with the YTD, one-, and five-year periods as of 6/30/2007.
This Small-Cap Value performance table includes total returns for the second quarter 2007, along with the YTD, one-, and five-year periods as of 6/30/2007.

Forbes – June 22, 2007

“Funds For A Shifting Market” By Thurman Smith
This article looks at which diversified mutual funds might be useful to investors in a market that looks to be changing. The Perritt Ultra MicroCap Fund is noted for a low median market cap, low turnover, and tax efficiency.

Investor’s Business Daily – May 30, 2007

Growth Funds Leading the Market”
This insert includes a snapshot of the Perritt Microcap Opportunities Fund, including ten largest holdings, new buys and new sells.
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