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Portfolio Manager Michael Corbett mentioned in the article

U.S. News & World Report – September 2015

Why Microcaps Are an Alternative to Investing in an IPO
Portfolio Manager Michael Corbett is interviewed to discuss the value of investing in Micro-caps
The Perritt Ultra MicroCap Fund (PREOX) was named to Charles Schwab's Mutual Fund OneSource Select List.

Wall Street Journal – June 2015

Money & Investing
See The Wall Street Journal's mention of The Perritt Low Priced Stock Fund
Portfolio Manager Michael Corbett is interviewed to provide examples of small companies who could thrive regardless of dollar conditions.

Raymond James – April 2015

Morning Tack – “Size Wars”
Raymond James Chief Investment Strategist Jeffrey Saut cites Michael Corbett’s 1st Quarter Manager Commentary at length in his investment strategy note “Size Wars.”

Kiplinger – March, 2015

Great Stocks That Cost Less Than $10
The Perritt Low Priced Stock Fund (PLOWX) was featured in Kiplinger, along with insight from Portfolio Manager Michael Corbett and Co-Portfolio Manager Brian Gillespie.

The SUIT – September 2014

Unveiling Micro-Cap Opportunities
In this interview with The SUIT, Portfolio Manager Michael Corbett discusses how "the spirit of small business is what this country was founded on."

Watch Michael Corbett on The Red Chip Money Review

"The Red Chip Money Report"
Portfolio Manager Michael Corbett discusses the firm's investment strategy on "The RedChip Money Report."

Michael Corbett Interview

Michael Corbett Interview
Michael Corbett Interview
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