The next feature of our Top 50 Micro-cap Manager list is Matt Brackmann.

Matt Brackmann,
Perritt Capital Management

The next feature of our Top 50 Micro-cap Manager list is Matt Brackmann. “Matt joined Perritt Capital Management in 2004. As portfolio manager for the Perritt Ultra MicroCap Fund, Matt is actively involved in idea generation and company research. Matt also serves as an equity analyst for the Perritt MicroCap Opportunities Fund. As Director of Trading, Matt is responsible for overseeing the firm’s trading desk, which includes overseeing all trading activity for advisor clients, keeping and maintaining trading records, arranging and managing relationships with sell-side brokerage firms, and serving as the liaison between the advisor and the advisor’s client custodians. Additionally, he is a Registered Investment Advisor and received his B.B.A. in Finance from the University of Iowa in 2004.”

The microcap fund under management typically holds anywhere from 70-80 securities with the largest weighting reserved for the tech sector. Now you might imagine the difficulty of trying to validate 15 or more investment theses continuously, yet Matt manages to break each thesis down in a strikingly simple manner. For example, Turtle Beach (HEAR) was trading near $5 early in the pandemic. The company had not met analyst expectations for some time, so the stock price had been sliding prior to Covid-19’s outbreak. The fund Matt manages purchased some shares and has enjoyed a nice ride up to $28. Or as Matt humbly put it, “it didn’t take a big leap to understand that people would stay home and spend [more] money on gaming” throughout Covid-19. While Matt has drawn inspiration from many people including Marcus Aurelius, who wrote “Meditations,” his greatest inspiration came from his mom. While growing up on a farm, nearby his mother worked at JP Morgan Chase which ultimately had a major influence over the direction of Matt’s career.

We are excited to introduce Matt as the latest addition to our Top 50 Managers list and include him as a part of our network.

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